1964 Bishop Marion F. Forst announces division of St. Mary Parish. Division lines are drawn.

January 26, 1965

Land is purchased.

January 8, 1965

Bishop Marion F. Forst signs documents to establish the parish.

October 15, 1965

First pastor, Father Lisle Pottorff, arrives.

Sunday Mass was celebrated in the Knights of Columbus hall for the next two years.

November 5, 1965 Parishioners choose St. Dominic as patron saint.
November 7, 1965 Altar Society organized.
September 6, 1966 Ground broken for school, auditorium and convent.
January 6, 1967

Open house held in the new rectory at 908 Center Street.

Daily Mass and Confession was held in the basement of the rectory.

September 7, 1967

School opens in new building.

The auditorium becomes the parish place of Sunday worship.

May 5, 1968 Parish school, auditorium and convent is dedicated.
June, 1970 Father Pottorff leaves; Msgr. Husmann becomes the second pastor.
September 4, 1971 Rectory moves to convent; Sisters to rectory.
September, 1972 Open classroom system started at school.
September 2, 1974 Parish sponsors Vietnamese refugee family.
June 12, 1976 Father John Strasser, son of Leo and Eleanor Strasser, was ordained at St. Dominic Parish
July 1, 1976 Msgr. Husmann leaves; Father Ron Renner becomes the third pastor.
October, 1979 Faith in the Future drive begins for church.
December 14, 1979 Drive a success; church assured.
February, 1980 Plans begun for church.
May 11, 1980 Father Jesse Venzor, son of Alfonso and Consuela Venzor, is ordained at St. Dominic parish
May 16, 1981 Ground broken for church by Bishop Eugene Gerber.
November 20, 1982 First Mass celebrated in new church.
December 12, 1982 Church is dedicated.
June 7, 1984 Father Renner leaves.
July 3,1985 Msgr. Norbert Temaat becomes fourth Pastor
November 22, 1985 Sacrificial Offertory Program begins.
June, 1986 St. Dominic School Endowment Fund established.
1990 Under Msgr. Temaat’s guidance, the parish debt is retired.
October 14, 1990 St. Dominic Parish celebrates its 25th Anniversary with Bishop Stanley G. Schlarman presiding over the celebration. The mortgage is burned in the presence of 750 parishioners and many visiting priests.
July 6, 1993 Msgr. Temaat leaves; Father Dennis Reed becomes the fifth pastor.
May 28, 1994 Father Gregory S. LeBlanc, son of Dan and Faye LeBlanc, is ordained at St. Dominic.
July 12, 1994 Father Reed celebrates his Silver Jubilee.
June 18, 1994 Newly ordained Father Shane Wasinger, son of Joan Wasinger, celebrates his first Mass at St. Dominic.
1995 Rectory becomes offices for the parish staff and the rectory moves back to 908 Center.
October 1996 Perpetual Adoration begins at St. Catherine Hospital Chapel.
July 16, 1998 St. Dominic Parish hosts the Ordination and Installation of Most Reverend Ronald Gilmore as the fifth Bishop of the Dodge City Diocese.
July 1, 1999 Father Reed leaves; Father Joseph Bahr becomes the sixth pastor.
May 21, 2000 The 40th anniversary of Father Joseph Bahr’s ordination.
May 19, 2001 Father Ted Stoecklein is ordained at St. Dominic.
July 27, 2002 Groundbreaking for Parish Center
October 10, 2004 40th Celebration and Dedication
December 19, 2007 Death date of Fr. Bahr
December 24, 2007 Funeral Mass for Fr. Bahr at St. Dominic
December 26, 2007 Funeral Mass and Burial of Fr. Bahr in Olmitz.
March 4, 2008

Father Wesley W. Schawe becomes the seventh pastor.

August 2010

"Together to the Center - The Final Chapter" begins. Capital Campaign to pay off Center debt.

July 1, 2011

Father Rene L. Labrador becomes the eighth pastor.

October 7, 2012

Multi-cultural Mass celebrated by Bishop John Brungardt, and burning of the parish center mortgage.

July 1, 2013

Father Terrance W. Klein becomes Parochial Administrator.

November 4, 2013

Father Reginald A. Urban becomes the ninth pastor.

June 15, 2014

Father Macario Martinez celebrates his First Mass.

May 2015

Renovation of Church and parking lot begins

October 25,2015

Parish celebrates 50th Anniversary with a multicultural Mass and Dinner.

July 10, 2017

Father Warren Stecklein becomes the tenth pastor.